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August 26, 2009

Session 7 | Day 12

Two days left. The thought is both depressing and exciting at the same time. Depressing in that all the friends, leaders, and acquaintances and I will be going our separate ways. Exciting because its now nearing the time to put the tools, knowledge and principles I have been learning into practice. My time at Summit has been amazing! I came with many questions and random half-completed thoughts. I will leave with answers, more questions, and thoughts and a set of beliefs and a worldview that can take on the world.

This morning we were faced with a barrage of Bio-ethics, worldview and cases for the reliability of the Bible. This soon becomes a matter of not biting off more than you can chew, but swallowing before the next bite. It is amazing the caliber and quality of speakers, mentors, coaches, and staff. The incredible feeling that they are here for our benefit and instruction spurs us on all the more to pay attention and glean all we can from their knowledge and wisdom.

Todd Cothran presented evidence for why the Bible is true. I had always believed that it was the infallible word of God but I did not know how to reply the skeptics who called the Bible nothing but myth and legend. The sheer volume of manuscripts that coincide and corroborate with each other almost all but makes the argument on its own. In order to throw out the Bible as myth and legend, one must also throw out the histories of Caesar, Tacitus, Thucydides, Herodotus, and Homer because all of those documents have by far nowhere near the amount of manuscripts that the Bible does. While this is not the only reason to believe the Bible, it was one that for some reason rang particularly true with me.

Biotechnology had never been something I was particularly interested in. I would hear bits and pieces here and there about advances that were being made but had never really gotten into the ethics side of thing. I was content to live my life in neutrality while science grew and people pushed the limits of what was defined as "Possible, accepted, and expected". Just because we could do something (i.e. Cloning, invetro, fetus stem cell research etc.) does not mean we should do so. As a society, we have left nothing sacred in the medical field. We tend to believe that just because we have the capability to do something, no mater how many laws of nature and God it violates, we should.

The "Doc" is amazing! His wisdom and insight into the common culture of today is astounding! Each day he unravels the worldviews of the world in a way that is understandable to all. Today we also tracked the Worldview of Christianity through the bible. Going through the scriptures and identifying each of the criteria for a worldview. We now know how to identify a worldview and take it to its root as well as how to deal with them.

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