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August 25, 2009

Session 7 | Day 11b

This week has been a lot to take in (both at mealtime and lectures. Lol.) but I'm glad to be learning in a place where intellectual topics have been made understandable. One thing that struck me the most is how Christians today have done a poor job of studying to show ourselves approved. Giving a reasonable answer for the hope we have is detrimental in a world where hope is difficult to find. Doc Nobel mentioned that Christians have become known for what we are against rather than what we are for. What a negative thing. On top of that, most do not give our reasons why!

Tonight's video was on a tough topic: abortion. This issue often becomes emotionally charged and we lose track of what the central question is: what are the unborn?

Even though I have grown up in a home that defines abortion as taking the life of a human being, I really had no idea what the word really meant. I had heard few arguments and none presented without both sides becoming emotional. In short I had no respect for either side of the debate, so I avoided the issue completely.

One of the foundations for debate is definition. Often I have heard my Christians friends argue whether we should judge others. As soon as I point out that one side is taking judge to mean 'evaluate' while the other is taking it to mean 'condemn', the argument is over.

The speaker in the video pointed out that as a culture we have lost the meaning of the word. He gave sound arguments defending the claim that a fetus is indeed a human being. But it didn't resonate with me until an image was presented. The video showed fetuses at various stages of development, and what I saw were tiny humans with fingers and feet. I saw that size is not a valid reason for saying that a fetus was not a human. When presented with accurate evidence I drew my own conclusions.

Just as it was said earlier this week, the battle for our culture is over the definition of words. And is not our goal as Christians to restore meaning to a lost world?

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