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August 25, 2009

Session 7 | Day 11a

I sit here on the front porch of Summit Ministries in Colorado. The sun rises in the east. Another day of lectures has begun. A day to be spent in classroom listening to some of the brightest Christian minds from around the country. Today's mind will be that of Norm Geisler. He has authored\co-authored 70+ books, in his lifetime, he has spoken in 26 countries. We are honored to have him here at The Summit. He will be spending the day explaining as to why '[He Doesn't] Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist'.

It's raining now. Ryan Dobson has come back yet again to further answer the student's questions. Open Forums are an amazing time when the speaker will spend an hour simply conversing with those who would otherwise be intimidated in the classroom setting. Ryan has a nack for making us students feel comfortable while explaining his view on the intriguing problems all teens face. Though, Summit isn't all talk.

Today we're going to the park. Ultimate Frisbee is a favorite of many. Something about chasing a flying disk back and forth across a grassy field holds a special place in our hearts. Looking skyward I notice that the clouds seem lower here in Colorado then back home. The altitude also takes its toll on my breath as I find it lacking when I run. None the less, I wouldn't change anything about the experience.

The sun is setting. The day is nearing its end. Yet, another season with Dr. Nobel awaits me. As I close today's blog entry only one thing comes to mind: God is good. He is all sufficient for any needs I have. I am happy to abide in Him.

PS. Hilton Sligh gives a shout out to her mom. smile

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