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August 18, 2010

Session 7 | Day 11a

Session 7 | Day 11a

Hello from Manitou Springs, Colorado! So I am supposed to tell you about my Summit experience thus far.  I am not sure if the total Summit experience can be expressed in words, but I am going to try! I have learned so much about life, worldviews, and my relationship with God. All of the speakers have taught me so much and forced me to expand my worldview and think about God on a deeper level! Some of my favorites have been the lectures about proving God without using the Bible and marriage and family. I always believed in God, but I love that I can now have solid scientific and logical evidence for why I believe in God. In addition to growing in my relationship with God, I have learned so much about the world I live in and how urgently Christians need to live for Christ in our culture.

Although the six lectures each day have an amazing impact on how you think about life, they do not sum up the Summit experience by any means. For me, all the wonderful nature around us, the amazing sense of community, and the fellowship with our small groups is all a part of this great experience known as Summit. And all of this takes place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It is amazing to go outside and be surrounded by these beautiful majestic mountains. These mountains remind of God’s amazing power and motivate me to go home and move mountains in my school and in my whole life.

The Summit Hotel is also a definite part of this experience! When I think about all the people who have been through Summit before me, this turn of the century hotel has an amazing way of making me feel like I am a part of a whole generation of teenagers going out into the world and making a difference for God.  As these two weeks have progressed, I have made friends here that I hope to keep for a lifetime. Another thing I love is my small group. The time with a group of girls to talk about life, encourage one another, and hear everyone’s different opinions on topics has been wonderful.

As you can see, Summit is not all about lectures, and we have a lot of fun during our breaks and sports times as well. Every other day we have sports time. I am not really into sports, but my friend and I love to hike, so we hike the trails at the park (well, they are more like walking trails on a hill, but we like to call it hiking). I have also been able to go white-water rafting. I had so much fun! I had never been white water rafting before, so I was a little nervous, but after we climbed in the boat and were on the river, I had an amazing time. Also yesterday, during our free time, two other girls and I hiked (this was an actual hike) up Red Mountain, the mountain right behind the Summit hotel. It was difficult, but we made it, and it was totally worth all the hard work! All these experiences have helped me realized a lot of things about myself and about God.

As these two weeks come to an end, I have realized that I will never forget my time here at Summit. I had heard that Summit will change your life, but it was a little hard for me to believe that so much can change in a two-week period. Well I can tell you today that Summit has definitely changed my life and I am very thankful to God, Summit, my parents, and the friend who told me about Summit for allowing me to have this wonderful, life-changing experience.

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