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August 29, 2007

Session 7 | Day 11

August 29th, 8:15am - Summit
I woke up with a start this morning as my roommate, John Mark hollered in my ear...... "Bro, I think we are going to be extremely late to class!" He was jumping out of bed himself and, I, (still 95% asleep) was thinking "It's only around 7 and I'll just skip breakfast and get some extra sleep." My very tired, half alert thought process was interrupted by my very loud roommate, Nate, who explained that the class bell had already rung. Every single one of my senses sprang into action as I forced myself to wake up and get/fall out of bed. It was bright because of the sun pouring in through the window. My room smelled of overused after-shave, shaving cream and hints of toothpaste. I could hear the sound of people bounding through the halls and racing down the stairs to get to class on time. Ten minutes later I was in the classroom, rushing for my seat. Dustin ( a staffer ) was just finishing the morning devotions and getting ready to introduce the speaker for the first session.
When Dustin finished, Dr. Wayne House taught us about the Christian view of law and government. Dr. Michael Bauman taught on the Trinity for the second session. Dr. Bauman has a different perspective on teaching and how it should be done. So, for forty-five minutes we discussed the trinity. We would shoot questions at him and he would backfire the question right back at us. Hence, after Bauman's session we walked out with questions but still with more knowledge than before. Each speaker at Summit brings new ideas and perspectives of life and the reasons we are here. When Summit finally comes to an end I will walk away with a new outlook on world-view analysis, and ways to defend the sanctity of life, and my beliefs about family and social issues. Summit has definitely been a good experience. We have been pushed through a lot of very intense sessions and in depth conversations in small groups. I will leave from here with more direction, knowledge, confidence in my faith, friendships that will last a lifetime and inspiration to impact the world with the gifts God has given me. "The quality of a man's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence." - Dr. Noebel With that said, Daniel needs to commit to some excellence (much needed) sleep. As we say at Summit, "Bon Voyage", "Auf Wedersehen" ......"Remember the Alamo!"

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