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August 28, 2007

Session 7 | Day 10

The morning of Tuesday, August 28th came heralded by the cacophony of three cell phone alarms resounding at 6:50. To the four of us girls in room 412, the morning came all too soon (we had stayed up until 1 o'clock girl-talking). Within the next twenty minutes I experienced a cold shower, spilled face lotion, and the realization that 90% of my clothes needed laundering. After rushing through my morning routine, I met my beautiful and caring small group leader for breakfast. Our heart to heart time was a sweet and a deep way to start off another enlightening and busy day at Summit in Manitou Springs, Colorado.
"Stubbs" led us in our daily devotional, and this morning he taught on the silence of God, sharing a moving personal testimony. Beloved "Doc Nobel" led our Bible Hour. He quoted C.S Lewis "chastity is the most unpopular of Christian virtues", and then finished up his ten reasons for why we should study the Bible. Edwards gave a lecture on the Mind Games of Jesus. He taught us to challenge the unfortunate assumption that Christianity is purely emotional, using our Savior as an example. While we know that Christ is perfect, the idea of Jesus being highly intellectual is new for most. Edwards used examples from the Bible to illustrate how Jesus outwitted and out-reasoned the educated religious leaders of his day. After this the students had half an hour of free time. Most headed straight for the "hot drinks" section in the cafeteria where various options of flavored coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cider are available. This is quite the occasion to socialize, and conversations revolve mostly around the number of marshmallows one can stuff into a cup of hot chocolate (my roomy wins this competition.) Students can also enjoy what I affectionately call the "bankrupting bookstore"-because it is filled with amazing literature that will challenge, encourage, and inform young Christians. Once one enters the bookstore, temptation to spend life-long savings on books occurs.
When we met again for Edward's second lecture titled "Postmodern Bible Study" he taught that the Bible has an absolute meaning that can be found by examining context, context, and context. This was followed by Bauman's lecture on the Meaning of Meaning. Lunch was unique for me because I spent it in town with my three lovely roommates, Stacie, Grace, and Kaylee. I have connected on such a spiritual and emotional level with these girls, and we had a great time sharing our personal testimonies and our hearts with each other. We returned for another Bauman lecture, this time on the problem of pain. He examined C.S Lewis' view of why God allows pain. At the end, Bauman opened up the lecture for a time of devil's advocate during which we students had a glorious and frustrating time arguing with him on such subjects as free will, the fall, and the character of God.
Next in our schedule comes sports time - a period of recreation at a nearby park. Students mingle to the various sounds of guitar or violin, read their Bible or Doc Nobel must-haves, and engage in amusing sports games. Volleyball always turns interesting, and has become a personal favorite of mine.
When we returned, we had dinner, and I received my first lesson in laundry!! Understand, this was quite a moment in my life. Free time and open forum followed which is when students usually catch up on contacts from home or shopping in town. Many students choose to attend the open forum with Bauman and Edwards to continue the earlier discussion and ask more questions. The evening session started with praise and worship led by our very own students. This has been such a neat experience for me to watch and engage in - it brings the students together in worshiping our God. After entertainment from Dustin, Doctor Nobel shared on the Secular Humanist world view, how to watch for it and defend our Christianity at our colleges in spite of it. We ended the night with a video lecture on abortion, which was impacting for all the students. Scott Klusendorf walked us through the issue of abortion and how to argue our perspective with philosophy and science.
This very full day at Summit ends like all others, with lights out at eleven and thoughts of the things we've learned, the relationships we've made, and the amazing day we've spent.

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