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August 09, 2009

Session 6 | Day 8

Hello everyone! Today has been yet another fantastic day at The Summit...filled with a winning blend of fun, fellowship, and Christ-centered academics.

Sunday here is a mostly "free day." Campers had four major options to choose from - whitewater rafting, hiking Pikes Peak, biking down from the summit of Pikes Peak, or sleeping in. I opted for the rafting, knowing that there are few things more enjoyable than tackling Class III river rapids with a crew of friends.

Morning came early today. Way too early. We were roused at 5:15 by a group of extraordinarily dedicated staffers, who had already prepared breakfast for us by the time we managed to reach some semblance of wakefulness. After wolfing down cereal and juice, we piled onto the Summit buses for a 2-hour drive to "Noah's Ark" whitewater rafting outfitters.

Upon arrival, we went through the safety briefing and clambered aboard our rafts. Things started off fairly quietly, but immediately ramped up after we passed the midway point. It's hard to put into words the epic adrenaline rush of shooting down the "Zoom Flume" and getting soaked by torrents of icy water. Seriously fun.

Aside: I think Summit is the only place where I could have a discussion of end-times theology while whitewater rafting. Really. ☺

We drove back to Summit and spent the afternoon relaxing. That evening, a delicious Thanksgiving-style dinner (turkey and all the trimmings!) was served...a very satisfying part of the day. We then headed back to the classroom for a worship service, another of Dr. Noebel's worldview classes, and an interesting video entitled "The Great Global Warming Swindle."

Today has been a challenging day, both physically and spiritually. Pastor Jeff Anderson's message - that our love for Scripture must be more than just a platitude, and that we must have a true thirst for God's Word - was truly humbling and convicting.

All around me, I can see God working here at the Summit. So many of the people here are real "thinkers" - teens genuinely interested in discussing spiritual issues and their ramifications for our culture today. I'm excited to see what's coming up this week!

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