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July 31, 2010

Session 6 | Day 7b

Session 6 | Day 7b

Let me think…where to start…  It’s Saturday, July 31 and we’re wrapping up our first week here at Summit.  All of the speakers have been fantastic!  God has taught me so much through their words of wisdom and instruction.  Some of my personal favorites have been Dr. Adams, Dr. Myers, Dr. Linden, and (of course) Dr. Noebel. 

I’ve grown up in a sheltered, safe, protected, and strong Christian home.   My parents—church leaders and homeschool teachers—have poured the wisdom and love of God into my life constantly.  For years I’ve been taught Biblical principles and how to defend my faith from other religions and worldviews.  Until I came to Summit, I did not realize the size of the battle being waged against Christianity, nor how direly important it is for me, as a Christian, to be able to defend my faith and (respectfully) vocalize what I believe. 

Over the past week, I’ve begun to understand that it is truly important for Christians today to understand what they believe and why they believe it. The duty of standing up for Biblical truths and the inexpressible necessity of training up and preparing the next generation fall on the Christians of today.  The younger generation will be at a loss to defend themselves from the ever-growing animosity toward Christianity if they do not receive accurate instruction and knowledge from their parents, teachers, and role models.

Summit has really helped me come to grips with the importance of not only understanding, but also being able to defend my faith and act upon what I believe.  Please pray for the students here in Colorado.  Pray that God would speak to them and impact their lives to make a difference, as He has done for many already.  We have one week left to soak up information and examples from the leaders, speakers, and staffers here in Colorado, and I’m sure God will bless it.

Love and Blessings!!

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