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August 09, 2008

Session 6 | Day 7

By Andrea Grice

Wow, where to begin?! We are at the end of the first week here at Summit and so many awesome things have happened. In fact, writing this blog is somewhat of a challenge because there is far too much to convey within a few simple paragraphs on a screen. My favorite thing about Summit so far has been the people. It has been so cool to be surrounded by likeminded kids my own age. What I mean by "likeminded" is that these are people my age who are actually concerned with the world in which they live. Here at Summit, it's not surprising in the least to pass by a table during the lunch hour and hear kids discussing political, economical, ethical, and Biblical issues that are prevalent today (and that's just to name a few topics).

Don't get me wrong; I love my friends back home. But I can't seem to remember a time when I sat down for lunch at school and the kids around my table were discussing matters on bioethics or Marxism-Leninism. It's been such a blessing and a learning experience to be surrounded with other kids my age who are not apathetic in regard to the competing worldviews around us. I use the word "competing" because it has been made clear to all of the students here at the Summit that the worldviews of today are in a constant struggle for our minds. Not only have we been learning how these worldviews struggle for us, but we have also been learning how to recognize and respond to their efforts.

The speakers here are absolutely amazing. Each one knows their respected topics like the back of their hand and they're able to explain concepts incredibly well. One of my favorite times of the day is the "open forums". That's a time in the afternoon when a speaker from the day will gather on the front porch with the students and hold a Q&A. We get to clear up ambiguity from the earlier lecture, and we get to interact with our teachers in a non threatening environment. Initially, some of these guys, with their doctorate degrees and their vast knowledge on such tough issues, easily seem intimidating (at least to me). But when you're out of the classroom and just hanging out on the porch, relaxing in some rocking chairs, you get to see these smart professors in a more personal light and the intimidation flies out the window (or rather, over the banister). And the speakers are always so nice to answer whatever questions we have because they really have a genuine desire to see us come to understand our times (if they didn't then why on earth would they be at Summit? Simply their presence here shows that they care).

So I guess, to put it succinctly, my experience at Summit thus far has been extremely life changing. It's been the craziest week of my life as far as the amount of information I'm gaining everyday! But I've met so many awesome people from staff, to speakers, and fellow students alike. And I feel so securely that I'm learning things here that will definitely change the way I live my life in the future, the things by which I allow myself to be influenced, and the way I view God and myself in regard to what He expects of me as His ambassador.

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