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July 30, 2010

Session 6 | Day 6b

Session 6 | Day 6b

Dear parents, siblings, friends, and supporters of Summit’s students and staff,

Today started off quite well with our lovely wake-up call, the hurried bustle of room cleaning, and a delicious breakfast prepared by the morning kitchen crew. You want to know what we ate? Of course, you do. It was waffles… and french toast… and sausage… Yeah, at Summit, we eat well. Really well. But enough gloating on my part. It is my cherished duty to blog to all of you viewers of our first Friday at Summit’s Session 6 of 2010.

As I type, rolling thunder compliments the downpour outside. I can honestly say now: rain is a blessing! It was much warmer and dryer this morning, with the bright sun and puffy clouds lolling about. It was the perfect atmosphere for the amazing line up we had today. All in a row, we had Doctor Noebel followed by Jeff Myers followed by Mike Adams. Now, if you know who any of these people are, you’d be as excited as the rest of the class was. It was, honestly, an energetic, humorously action-packed day!

Bible Hour was amazing, as usual. We learned that society is trying to convince us to not be hard workers. After all, if we don’t work to live, we just might end up on welfare, and the more people on welfare, the more people the government controls.

Then it was Jeff Myers’ turn. His lessons were on “Marriage and the Family” and how Satan is trying to destroy it. I had never thought before that the first things Satan would do, to destroy as much as possible before his end, would be to get at the children. In today’s society, there are so many things doing that. Abortion is one—no need for emphasis there. Feminism is another as it tries to destroy mothers and motherhood, making raising children very difficult. Another is homosexuality because it not only destroys what mature masculinity and femininity are, but also because it undermines God’s original ideas of marriage and family.  Without the right influences and examples, our men do not learn to be leaders, protectors, and providers while our women do not learn to be nurturers and sustainers of men’s leadership.  These are just a few, and the most obvious, of the examples given.

Next was Mike Adams.  His lessons for the day were on “Cultural and Economic Marxism” and “Abortion.” There were so many stories about secular campuses and their idiotic ideas. One campus had two specific “zones” where free speech was permitted. As was questioned in class, “Aren’t college campuses supposed to promote diversity in speech, ideas, etc.?” But as we saw, apparently not. Luckily a group of students decided to protest these “free-speech zones.” There weren’t even that many students, but they sent notification to the dean, police, professors, and other administrators of their plans to protest. Of course, the dean, police, professors, and administrators all showed up as the protestors were in the circle of “free speech.” Then they started sticking their toes out in the “no-no” area and eventually hopped in and out, teasing those watching. Finally, they took their signs and dispersed…and the authorities went after them. I’ll leave the story there… if you want to find out what’s next, ask Mike. He tells it better than I do anyway.

After our classes some students went to the Olympic Training Center, others to indoor rock climbing, and others either went into town or stayed in the hotel. It was around this time that the first of the thunder sounded and the drizzling followed shortly after. Though wet on the outside from my curly hair to my soaked sneakers, I became warm on the inside due to consuming more of Summit’s amazing food. Pork, corn, salad, cheese biscuits, and another dish I can’t remember were served, and since I was the first in the girls’ line, I got “choice cuts” of everything… well, almost. I spent dinner on the porch, watching the dark clouds, waiting for Mike’s forum to start. When he finally did show up, the group talked guns until 6:00PM, which was the forum’s designated time. We went through how to debate abortion, which schools are good for law and aren’t corrupt, and which types of guns women should carry.  I think I want one now…

After the forum/free time, it was back to class with Doc Noebel. We all got a shocker on some of the things going on in secular campuses, especially those founded by Christians. These are things I do not wish to repeat in this blog.

Now we have caught up to the present: I’m writing this blog while the rest of the class is watching “Mystery of Life’s Origins.” It’s a good movie, by the way. I’ve seen it several times. In fact, it’s also playing on the TV next to me. It discusses how complex things must have a designer behind them.

However, I must retreat for now. My left hand is shaking from holding this laptop the entire time. Silly of me, I know, but it was needed, I assure you. So, remember everyone, don’t hang with the hippies, tip your waitresses, and know that the Chuckwagon is always number one!

Asheria Blackford

P.S. Love you Mom, Dad, Abby, and Elijah!

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  • August 02, 2010 // 04:28 pm //  # 
    Tammy's avatar Tammy

    I am very glad to read such fine writing. I and your father are very plesed that you are learning so much and havig a great time. Abby thinks the eating sounds very fun. We are so excited that we will be on our way to see you and Zach in a few days. We love you sooo much. Take care my sweet daughter. See you soon.

  • August 03, 2010 // 03:43 pm //  # 
    Donna's avatar Donna

    Wow! It sounds like you are learning so much! You are growing up to be a beautiful young lady inside and out. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and you will never go astray. Have a blessed time and keep us posted . I loved hearing from you. A big thanks to Sam for posting your site. Love Donna Sue~

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