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July 30, 2010

Session 6 | Day 6a

Session 6 | Day 6a

Nothing could have prepared me for what I have experienced here at Summit. There is no way I could have expected how quickly deep-rooted friendships would sprout between total strangers or how subjects like economics and politics could suddenly hold a new interest in my eyes. Never before have these subjects proved to be applicable to my life, and yet here I see that I need to have a broad knowledge of these to be able to defend my faith.

The days cannot compare with each other. Every morning starts out with a fierce competition to find an open shower. Sharing bathrooms with about 90 other girls is not an easy thing, but somehow everyone finds time. Then we spend four hours absorbing the deep theological lectures of some of the godliest men of influence. These professors are not only extremely wise in their fields, but they also have “more degrees than a thermometer.” After a delicious home-cooked meal, we come back for another class or two. Depending on the day, we then have time to hang out or play some vicious volleyball or other sports. Today a group of us went rock climbing—I think this is one of the best memories I have made yet.

Who would have known that two weeks could have been so powerful and so life changing? Summit has so far proven itself as one of the most influential experiences that I have gone through. I am so incredibly thankful for my opportunity to invest time here.

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