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August 07, 2009

Session 6 | Day 6

Greetings all! This is Matthew Yandell giving you an inside glimpse into the daily happenings of the Summit. We have had many unique adventures so far which have challenged us to think critically and most importantly, Biblically, about vital issues in our world today.

The last 24 hours have been a madhouse. It all started in the early morning with my roommate reacting to the salmon of the previous night. It was a battle between his agitated stomach and his will to win. I'll bet you can guess who won. This occurrence occasioned several unique occurrences for the flatmates of the Arbury Room. 1) We finally got a fan! It is a phenomenal help in cooling the brotherhood contained in Room 323. 2) One male (aka me) finally gained legal access to the fourth floor (all female). This was to retrieve a new mattress for the roommate-in-distress. Upon my word the very smell of the air changes when you step onto that floor! Amazing! I am now legendary among the males at Summit. wink

Following some short hours of sleep, we entered the cafeteria for breakfast followed by the usual morning routine of pledges to the American and Christian flags and the singing of Amazing Grace. Following this was Dr. Noebel for Bible hour, expounding sound Biblical wisdom for us to ponder and apply to our lives. But that was only the beginning.....

The second speaker of the day was Jeff Shafer, affiliated with Alliance Defense Fund (ADF). He gave the students essential information on avenues the students can pursue to defend their beliefs on college campuses through legal means. This information was extremely intriguing and is a vital resource on today's university campuses.

Following Mr. Shafer was Ryan Dobson, the son of Dr. James Dobson. He proved to be the most comedic speaker to date! The students were rolling in the aisles, hardly able to contain their hysteria. In the midst of all of the humor, he gave guiding principles for debating effectively and following God despite any situation. This proved especially fitting considering what happened next.

At the very end of the Mr. Dobson's second session, it was announced that some students had a tremendous family tragedy occur. The student body immediately became somber as hearts melted with sympathy for their fellow students. Almost the entire student body then initiated and engaged in a prayer meeting to hold the family up in prayer. While we do not understand why we must endure the hardships of this life, we know that God is sovereign. He understands us better than we understand ourselves, as Mr. Dobson clearly enunciated. And we know that God is faithful. He will never let us go. The pain we suffer in this life is nothing compared to the glory which will be revealed in us. Paul's words rang all the more true as we tried to make sense of the seemingly senseless loss.

The somber afternoon was followed by a emotional worship service and encouraging words from Dr. Noebel. The night was finished with a video discussing the origins and premises of intelligent design.

While the past hours have been stressful, we will continue to praise our Savior for the good God that He is. He holds us in the palm of His hand.

Thanks for reading-encourage every student you know to come experience the Summit! It is exceptional

In His Name,


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