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August 07, 2009

Session 6 | Day 5

Welcome one and all to the Summit blog! My name is Logan Dick. I am a first year Summit student who traveled all the way from North Dakota. Summit is truly an excellent place. I have met so many people who are just on fire for Jesus. We have been here for five whole days already and each day I meet a new person who I haven't seen yet!

Today started out quite normal. I woke up at 6:00 am to the lovely sunshine streaming through my windows. This awakening wasn't planned to be that early, but it happened. ☺ Many of the girls are already up and showering/prepping for the day. The boys, on the other hand, aren't quite so enthusiastic. Quite a few of the male species sleep through breakfast and wake up just in time for our daily pledges and the singing of Amazing Grace.

The schedule for today was a bit flip-flopped. Instead of starting with Bible Hour with Dr. Noebel as we normally do, we had Dr. Chris Kersey for a continuation lecture on "What they don't teach you at Harvard." Dr. Kersey debunked seven myths in the career world. He left us with the idea to think big...and dare mighty thoughts with the Lord as our captain.

Our next three class lectures were presented by Kevin McCullough. Mr. McCullough was an amazing speaker; I have never enjoyed a lecture on taxes so much as I did this morning! He also taught us why liberals despise marriage, and he warned us about national INsecurity. His lectures were so powerful. He left many of us with the feeling to go out into the world and make a difference by engaging in what is happening around us. He encouraged us to stand up for God in our falling nation. His very last words to us were these, " Go change the freakin' world!"

This morning our Bible exam scores were posted! Everyone rushed to the message board to see if they passed. Many of us had very successful test scores! But some will have to do some more studying and try, try again on Monday.

After an amazing noon meal, we had our Bible Hour with Dr. Noebel. Today's scripture verse for the day was Proverbs 6:32, "The one who commits adultery lacks sense. Whoever does so destroys himself." Our thought for the day was "You only get out of life what you put into it. No more, no less." Very good advice...

This afternoon was exciting because we had SPORTS TIME! We all travel to Bear Creek Park and enjoy a couple hours of sun and sports. Everyone has many games to choose from: basketball, speed volleyball, football, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee. We all have a great time whether we are playing games nonstop or just chillin' in the shade with friends.

This evening's activities included open forum with Mr. McCullough, praise and worship (one of my favorites!), a class on Worldviews in Collision with Dr. Noebel, and small groups. When we got here we were assigned to small groups. While here, we will meet five times over the course of these two weeks in order to chat, get to know each other, share our testimonies, and just have a great time discussing questions that arise during the day. These times can be very fun because we can be ourselves, learn from each other and just encourage each other in the struggles that we have each day.

We are all so blessed to be here spending two weeks in the mountains of Colorado at Summit. This time here will be something to remember for the rest of our lives. I can't wait to continue learning, and I am sure that many of my fellow students feel the same.

Peace! (as Dr. Noebel would say ☺...)

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