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July 28, 2010

Session 6 | Day 4b

Session 6 | Day 4b

If you’ve seen the trailer for or the movie Inception, or even just heard about it, you’ve probably thought that the premise of the movie could only take place in a world of fantasy. Artificially replicating true inspiration to plant an idea, something that will define them, into someone’s mind, seems far fetched to most of us. Tonight, however, I, and the students attending Summit Ministries in Colorado, viewed a documentary that proved me (and hopefully everyone else) wrong.

Agenda: Grinding America Down is a ninety minute film documenting the insidious take over by socialist agenda of the United States of America. It provides a shocking account of socialist and communist ideals and their relationship to the U.S., from the apparent fall and defeat of communism in the West to their increasing prevalence in every facet of American society today.

The film opens with a quotation from Joseph Stalin that outlines the basic plan to destroy capitalism in the west: undermine western society’s patriotism, spiritual life, and morality, and replace this with Marxist ideology. This opening, coupled with an anecdotal account of how the creator of the film, Curtis Bowers (a Summit alumnus) was inspired to create Agenda, sets the tone for the rest of the documentary. Socialism begets communism, and communism begets death. What the film makes very clear is that in our dreamlike stupor, every facet of society has been sewn with an idea: socialism is liberating and unifying—it is the answer to our problems. And while we were dreaming, a red-blooded socialist, with direct connections to the communist party in the United States, has been voted into the White House. 

But the film also makes another thing very clear. Vladimir Lenin is quoted as saying that “communism is the goal of socialism,” and Marx says that “[the goal] is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” Marxist ideals will destroy western civilization, unless we wake from our dream and do something to stop the destruction of traditional values and the acceptance of socialism. They are erasing what we know and replacing it with an idea that will define and ultimately destroy us.

Agenda is a must-see film. As Christians, we need to take action, and to take action we need to be informed about what is going on. This documentary is the first step. In the words of Dr. Noebel, who appears numerous times in Agenda, “…watch it a dozen times.”

Wake up. Doctor’s orders.

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  • August 10, 2010 // 09:02 pm //  # 
    Flentrop's avatar Flentrop

    I have always contended that any government strong enough to deliver cradle-to-the-grave “health care” is strong enough to control any facet of our life which it pleases.  So Agenda is “right on,” and we need to heed this reviewer’s call to wake up. 
      I would take issue with only one thing in this blog: The color of Maximum Leader’s blood.  I believe it runs BLUE.  And I would add only one thing: A call to daily prayer for revival in this nation.  Because, we all know who is behind the Agenda.

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