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August 05, 2008

Session 6 | Day 3

By Roberta Coons-Redig

Wow, I never thought I'd be writing one of these. Hi, my name is Roberta and this is my second visit to our lofty Summit. I feel so blessed to be here and to have been able to return to stretch my mind for God and to know Him more.

Well anyway, I will try to give a little insight to this day's happenings. Though I usually rise about six-ish, I know many who are proud to cling to each precious minute before the breakfast bell sounds out morning salutations around seven. After breakfast we milled about chatting or preparing our rooms for the daily inspections. Bribes for the room checkers are common, though today we were informed that apples from the lunch room aren't that impressive. As the commanding clang reached our ears we obeyed, jumping to rush off to class.

The morning's proceedings began with Dr. Noebel's wit and wisdom delivered with his usual quirky adages as he discussed with us some select Scripture. Being as it was only the 'Bible Hour', sixty minutes passed quickly and we were introduced to Dr. Gish.
Gish, a jovial short-stature older gentlemen, is a creationist whom I heard the last time I was at Summit, but his talk improved for me upon a second inspection. He presents arguments in such a simple, irrefutable way that one can easily give them too much thought.

Following Dr. Gish's presentations and lunch, we dove into the relation of religion and law with Dr. H.W. House. He was a new speaker for me and as I am a declared non-combatant in the world of politics, a challenge as well. House kept a little time at the end for Q&A and so helped flesh out all that he could on such a condensed version of such a diverse topic.

Rounding out the day's activities we had sports time, which was well enjoyed despite the threat of rain. We returned for a delicious(!) dinner, after which was free time and an open discussion forum with Dr. Gish. We then returned to the classroom for praise and worship time, after which Dr. Noebel led us into his introduction of the six worldviews. The last scheduled activity was our small group time where we shared our faith stories with our new friends. All in all the day was stretching, tiresome, but greatly worth it especially for me. Being old hat, I'm proof that even old hats can learn new tricks! Thanks for reading & God bless!

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