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July 27, 2010

Session 6 | Day 3

Session 6 | Day 3

I think the thing I am realizing the most at Summit is that I am not nearly as much of a stud as I thought I was. I mean, I tend to think that I am fairly informed, intelligent, loving, and passionate. But Summit has been a huge humbling experience

Let me explain. I understand, basically, what a worldview is. However, I have never actually gone through some of the individual elements (politics, economics, law, etc.) and said, “What is the truth in this specific area? And are there other views besides the two extremes that could perhaps be options for belief?” For example, I’m not completely convinced that God is a capitalist. I mean, obviously He’s not for giving people things they’ve never earned, and therefore He cannot be a socialist. But the thing about complete capitalism is that if something happens to you—well, sorry, that’s too bad. You are all by yourself. Plus, capitalism is all about the self; God is about the other.

Politics, then, is just one area in which I have not developed a worldview like that of Christ.

Also, there have been so many times where Dr. Noebel has thrown out a historical figure or date that has been significant in the formation of ideas for our culture and our understanding of the world, and I have sat there, completely clueless. This is (obviously) not a positive thing, but one that I’m glad I’m discovering here, in this environment.

Then I have begun to understand the difficult truth that we cannot separate knowledge of the mind and heart. In other words, knowledge that has no action behind it is empty information.

Loving? If I truly loved, I would be unable to sit on the sidelines. As it is, I have been able to partially sit on the sidelines. I have been able to live with my ideas and my actions in contradiction to each other. As a student of psychology, I understand that ideas follow actions. However, I now know the opposite should be true—that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks, and the person acts.

Passionate? Two words: Ryan Dobson. That man lives passion. He has likes and dislikes, and he knows what he believes and why.  He’s not afraid to share it, even if it might be politically incorrect and offensive to someone. However, he’s also wise in the way he acts toward outsiders. He loves and is passionate, and that doesn’t diminish who he is: in fact, it enhances it. In my own life, I feel like I’ve changed who I am to be nice. This isn’t me trying to win them to the Lord; it’s fear, plain and simple.

So, this time has been good. When I know what I am doing wrong, I can begin knowing what I can do right. And that is the starting point for actually doing it.

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