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August 13, 2009

Session 6 | Day 12

"When we fight we win." That was the message that Mike Adams preached to us Tuesday and Wednesday, but it seems to be the universal theme of Summit. The whole reason I decided to come to Summit months ago was because I knew that I needed to be better equipped to defend my faith and Summit has definitely done that for me.
Today Dr. Frank Turek finished his three part series, "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" and once again I felt ready to go and take on anyone who wanted to argue that there is no scientific proof of God. From Atheism, Marxism, Islam, Post-Modernism, and everything in between there are now 187 more students ready to go out and fight for what we believe in. With the help of Christian organizations, family, and friends we will fight and WE WILL WIN.
When we are not learning how to go to head to head with professors and all other non-believers, we enjoy relaxing. Today we spent the entire afternoon through dinner at the park playing sports and just enjoying God's creation. During the daily free time is when I have made relationships I never would have expected. There are 187 students plus staff that are all friendly and willing to get to know you. Personally I have grown close with many of the students and my small group leader Kyle (easily the coolest leader).
So, tomorrow is the last time we will drag ourselves to breakfast at 7 a.m. Tomorrow is the last Bible Hour by Doc. Tomorrow is the last time we can we sit on the porch and admire the Colorado mountains. So sleep well college professors, because starting Saturday morning, 187 students are coming full force more ready to defend our faith than ever before...and we will do a very, very good job.

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