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August 13, 2009

Session 6 | Day 11

This fair (and slightly chilly) morning at Summit was the Ladies' Breakfast. Most of the female population were woke up earlier than usual to attend this event, although some did stay in bed to avoid fatal brain failure (the cause of which is rampant lack of sleep and rapid brain growth). At the breakfast, we had a panel of women who answered questions leftover from previous night's feminar. There was much laughter, excellent bagels, and godly advice.
After breakfast we returned to the normal routine, kicking off classes with the pledges and Amazing Grace. Our first two lectures were from Dr. Del Tackett on American's Godly Heritage. After Del Tackett, we heard from Dr. Mike Adams, a professor from UNC Wilmington. He spoke for two lectures on how to fight unconstitutional things, such as speech codes on college campuses. After Dr. Adams finished, everyone headed off to lunch, and then back for the next lecture. Frank Turek, the next speaker spoke on why, "I Don't Have Enough to be an Atheist". It was the first lecture of a three part series, "Laying the Foundation for Absolute Truth". After Mr. Turek ended there was free time for a few hours, followed by dinner. Worship started at 7:30pm and then the second part of Mr. Turek's lecture series. He talked a lot about how the universe undoubtedly had a beginning. He used the acronym SURGE, which stands for; The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Radiation Afterglow, Great Galaxy Seeds, and Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
Small groups came next on the schedule. Meeting with small groups is probably one of my favorite things about Summit. It definitely creates and strengthens bonds, and well as sparring on one's growth in Christ.
Finally, the last thing on the schedule was the Staff Servant Auction for Sudan. It was pretty insane, and loads of fun. Our group of ten bid on and won the "classroom group". This group granted us all perfect room check scores and Starbucks in class.


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