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August 12, 2009

Session 6 | Day 10

Summit is an awesome place to learn about God and what we believe. Most of us started our day off with waffles or French toast sticks, bacon, eggs, oatmeal, or cereal at 7:15. Doctor Noebel started our morning classroom time with finishing the talk on the top fourteen reasons why we should study the Bible. He reminded us that the Bible deals with and is relevant to every aspect of life. He ended this discussion with 2 Timothy 2:15, which sums this topic up. Then, Doctor Noebel started a new talk on how to grasp the Bible.
Dave Nutting gave the next three sessions on the creation versus evolution debate. He challenged us to ask the question, "What's the evidence for evolution?" Much of the evolution information has been false, just plain hoaxes. On the other side, the Genesis account has the evidentiary support. Noah's global flood accounts for the rock layers and fossil records all over the earth. All the creation points to a grand design and a magnificent Creator. After lunch, Doctor Mike Adams provided a talk about abortion. As students, he pointed out, we should stand and defend the life of the unborn even in our universities. This evening, we watched a movie entitled "Abortion," and the main point of the abortion issue is "What is the unborn?" If the answer is that a fetus is a human being, then obviously abortion is wrong. Sadly, many people distract from the abortion issue, focusing other issues that are more hypothetical than true.
This afternoon was sports time. We all enjoyed our time to play sports, relax, or go to Walmart. Many of the students played soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and basketball. The open forum with Dave Nutting was very informative and all the students who attended learned much. Doctor Noebel finished his talk on Worldview Analysis tonight. He showed how the Christian worldview pertains to every area of life and reminded us how every career is sacred and important to God. We need more Christian leaders in every field. At Summit, the students are learning a lot and having a blast while learning. In Manitou Springs, "we are having more fun than a human ought to have," as Doctor Noebel would say.

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