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August 04, 2008

Session 6 | Day 1

By Jonathon Manning

My official staff title is Nightwatch. While it sounds both ominous and regal, it basically means that I stay up all night and enjoy the cool evening breeze as I keep watch over my new group of 184 friends. This afternoon I awoke to the joyous laughs of newly arrived students from all over the U.S., the bright and cheery smiles on the fresh faces all around energize me for my final tour of duty in this summer-long adventure.

And so begins the 6th session of the summer. I have met so many new people, reconnected with old friends and added to my increasing circle of friends. The catching up process begins with students and friends from previous summers that I haven't seen in a year or two.

We had small groups tonight, and it was exciting to see the young men I will be investing in for the next 12 days as we sit under the tutelage from the likes of John Stonestreet, Debbie Brezina, and Dr.'s Michael Bauman, JP Moreland, and Frank Beckwith. The greatly loved and intensely intelligent Doc Noble will lead the charge as these pupils seek to develop their own worldview and learn to defend against so many others.

Even though it is the first night, this is potentially the most immensely memorable session, with eager students that will hopefully develop mentally, spiritually, and physically as they inhabit the beautiful town of Manitou Springs. May God be glorified through the speech and actions of all in these next two weeks and may no one leave this mountain top unchanged.

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