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July 27, 2009

Session 5 | Day 9

Huddled under my blanket, I drowsily turned off my blaring alarm at the very early time of 6:30 am. I rolled out of bed, excited for the second Monday of Summit and ready to start it with a morning date with God. Grabbing a quick breakfast I sat on the front porch, soaked in the sun, and spent some time with God alongside other Summit campers.

Session started with the humorous and inspirational Doctor Noebel's Bible Hour, then a launch into our speakers for the day, the brilliant duo David and Mary Jo Nuttings. The topic was creation vs. evolution and many girly giggles and manly chuckles rippled through the room as Mr. Nutting showed some amazingly photo-shopped "missing links" of bird- alligators and other unimaginable animals. I soaked up so much evidence for creationism--these crazily intelligent speakers are one of my favorite parts of my Summit day! I know this sounds nerdy, but I sometimes find myself wishing I could just skip part of my free time to listen to more information.

However, I must admit that I definitely enjoy breathing the fresh mountain air, walking around town, playing some crazy games, or chit chatting with the awesome Summit people. Our lunch today was delicious, and after Chuck Edward's lesson on studying the Bible, a few friends and I ventured into town with full tummies (which miraculously seemed to growl after walking past the many fudge and ice cream shops around town). But an adventure loomed ahead. Something that anyone who doesn't live in Colorado should know about is the very temperamental weather here. Safely sitting in the shelter of the classroom, the sun decided to shine but ... right when I decided to head out the door, a dark cloud floated into view. This free time I visited the famous Graffiti Falls. By the time I decided to leave, a steady and heavy rain was pouring on us. It was quite the adventure as I sprinted a mile plus, getting soaked to the skin. We all took pictures on the porch, then rung out our clothes. Great memories! ☺

Tonight was a night of much excitement: the Feminar and Manference! Sharing testimonies and just pouring out our hearts tonight was totally a God-filled experience. This is what I appreciate most about Summit: the great hearts of all the people here and how God's Spirit truly works to speak to each one of us. Heading to a very secular public university, I love absorbing the knowledge imparted by all these great people and speakers. But something I did not expect coming to Summit is God's touch on different struggles in my life. It has been and is a huge adventure as God continues to speak to me and reveal so much more about my life and the world around me.

Well right now I am getting urged off to bed (which is another great thing about this camp: they make you sleep ☺ ), so in summary, Summit is an awesome place where you learn so much about vital current information, have so much fun with great people that are likeminded, and are often surprised by God just speaking to you! I have grown so much closer to God in just these short days, and I am having a blast as well. So goodnight, and prepare yourself for another action packed day! Thanks for listening to my adventures! ☺

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