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July 17, 2010

Session 5 | Day 7a

Session 5 | Day 7a

All people have secrets, dark things that will not come out, except by a powerful outside influence. Even though life goes on, collecting all souls in its flow, past actions still have the power to influence the present and future.

At Summit today, after enjoying God’s beautiful creation for several hours, we students hurried to shower in preparation for the next lecture. Mike Haley’s talk was on a generally taboo subject: homosexuality. This “lecture” exposed what the gay agenda is and how it has been implemented in society. Furthermore, Mr. Haley gave his testimony. He was a gay man for 12 years who believed that he was born gay, a lie presented to him by a high school counselor. Through the persistent love of his counselor, his family, and God, Mr. Haley came to disbelieve the notion that gays can’t change. Through God’s love and the loving actions of the church, he was greatly encouraged in his struggle to change his orientation and lifestyle. In his words, “The ground is level at the cross.”

In Romans 3:23, Paul writes that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” All people in all areas and all time zones suffer from original sin, a corrupted nature. From this state of spiritual death, God redeems persons by the sacrifice of His Son. All people have sinned and have secrets. The only way to fully cover those past actions is to come to Christ, meeting Him where the “ground is level”: at the cross.

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