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August 01, 2009

Session 5 | Day 13

Dear Diary... er, I mean Summit followers (including parents, grand parents, students, friends, or just random people),

The 31st of July, graduation night... well, I can honestly say it was a night I will not forget. Making some comparisons from last year, the speech before Doc had a few different sayings in it. Like "my formerly nacho stained hands", and "Is the window open? ... In case I need to leave in a hurry." Last year I recall him referring to himself as a "Big, round teddy-bear," or calling the teachers "professor snot-grass," and even saying he got "a degree in underwater basket weaving." I liked that one.

Now, moving backwards... before the graduation ceremony many people loaded the buses for their trips to the Air Force Academy and Focus on the Family. Both being tours, I would highly assume all people did was walk around and look at stuff. I, however, ventured downtown... avoiding the hippies, of course... and did a little last minute shopping. Upon my return, I decided to help out the kitchen staff again. It was quite fun. Normally I'm not fond of cooking, or any kitchen work for that matter, but here at Summit I find it quite enjoyable. The Kitchen staff are awesome, by the way. They make carrying milk jugs a party!

Moving backwards again, the Summit students enjoyed, I hope anyways, the last four classes of our session. These included two by Doc, one by Chuck and Pat Edwards, and the other by Eric Smith. It was a good way to finish off our classes, I'd say. We got a lot of free stuff, too. One of the things included a card that said all returning students receive $50 off of their return next year, and if you bring a first timer... well, that's another $50 off! So, all of you parents and guardians should make your kids go again! (Don't tell them I said that)

Anyways, I gotta run. Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Love from ~ Asheria Blackford
P.S. Chuck-wagon is number ONE!!!

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