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July 28, 2009

Session 5 | Day 10

Homesick- a sickness one may experience when missing the place where their heart is happy and joyful, where they can learn from those they love, and where there are the most loving relationships. And yet, I surprisingly realized on this Tuesday morning at Summit Ministries in Colorado Springs... I am not homesick. Perhaps this could be because I enjoy the break from chores, or perhaps it could be because I dread the quickly approaching school year. But I feel the reason is far more likely that I truly feel at home.

Homesickness includes a loss of happiness and joy. However, at Summit, I have had so much fun and excitement, I cannot imagine being unhappy. Today I woke up to the delicious breakfast of waffle sticks, sausages, fruit, and many other scrumptious treats. My friends and I entertained ourselves by taking silly photos, playing games in the lobby, and going into town to buy chocolate covered pretzels. This afternoon we had a memorable time of sports at a park not to far away. I played tennis (very badly ☺), danced in the rain while singing, watched as others played intense speed volleyball, and laughed with friends while looking through our previous, silly photos. Fun is defined by camp at Summit.

To be homesick, one also must miss the learning and nurture from home. Yet, as one may guess, there is plenty to learn at Summit. The teachers' encouragement to increase your knowledge of what you believe is a constant challenge to all Summit students. We were given the great privilege this morning of hearing the ever-interesting and humorous Dr. Noebel, who every morning opens our day with Bible hour. He was followed by Dr. Frank Beckwith, who spoke to us about relativism, morals, and the state. Beckwith held the attention of the class well with his stories and great insight into the topics on which he was speaking. After our very appetizing lunch, we heard Chuck Asay as he inspirationally spoke on how God used him and cartoon drawing to his glory and to speak His message. Our day concluded with a fascinating lecture by Dr. Noebel and a touching video about Abortion. There is so much information to be absorbed in one day, and learning for two weeks leaves one with a great deal of information.

The greatest piece of a home is the ones you love and who love you. At Summit, friendships are created that will last for a lifetime. The people I have met are incredibly fun, have a great sense of humor, but also have such a firm foundation in their love for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The friends I have made at Summit care to listen, cry, laugh, and learn with me here at Summit. Along with friends, the staff are always there to talk and care when one needs it. Like at home, God has given me the most amazing relationships I could have never dreamed of.

Do I miss my family and my home? Yes, I do. But I am not homesick. At Summit, I have been given great friends, a goldmine of knowledge, and one of the best times of my life.


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