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July 06, 2009

Session 4 | Day 9

Hey everyone! I hope everything is going well; thanks for all the prayers as we study, enjoy and learn from each other. It is truly a wonderful experience to be here. I sit in the lobby of the hotel, and while my fellow classmates sleep (or whisper), I find myself discovering an aspect of Summit that I haven't seen before. When the lights go out, most of the staff comes down and hangs out, having fellowship with each other. It just proves to me that every aspect of Summit is a wonderful combination of work and fun, mixed with laughter.

This morning we woke up to sun outside, and our routine began. Breakfast, and then herding everyone into the classroom to begin the day's studies. We were blessed to hear from both Dr. J.P. Moreland, an author and professor from Southern California (woot!), and from John Stonestreet, who we've all come to love. Dr. Moreland's topic was truth. Secular humanists believe that one can only know truths though the five senses. However, Dr. Moreland gave us five points that cannot be explained by secular humanists. For example, the universe is finely tuned. There are certain numbers, such as the mass of the atom, which must be exactly what they are in order for the universe to exist. While this one number might be a coincidence, there are 30 to 50 of these numbers, providing a fantastic case for an intelligent Designer.

John Stonestreet then took the stage, discussing post modernism and biotechnology. The latter is very potent to our culture and our world. While topics such as stem cell research and cloning have the potential for scientific discovery and use, there ought to be moral ethics to monitor them, as they deal with life and/or potential life. Mr. Stonestreet also talked about post modernism, comparing it to the famous show about nothing, Seinfeld. He reviewed the ethical history of the world to demonstrate the decline of culture: we have gone from the pre-modern era, in which people believed in revelation and truth that was objective, to the modern era and the post-modern era, in which truth is relative and there is no revelation. It is fascinating to know that our culture is continually degrading.

Today during free time a group of us went paintballing. It was so much fun! We all put on cameo pants and jackets, and then played four games in the rocky terrain. We broke up into two teams and played different versions of capture the flag. The first game, some of us (including me), were trying to figure out how to play the game, how to shoot the gun, how to get the safety lock off so that we could shoot the gun... We went for the full 15 minutes of the game, and no one had won. During the rest of the games, however, different teams won, and both sides went home with victories (and some nice bruises). It started raining just as we left, and the cool water felt very refreshing.

Tonight we had the feminar and manfrence. We discussed topics that related to us specifically, and some of the staff gave their testimonies in order to encourage us. We then went into small groups and talked and laughed while munching on apples and homemade peanut butter. It has been such an experience to come to Summit. I have learned so much and met so many amazing people. Growing up in Southern California, I am very used to the little protected bubble I live in. It was so neat to come here and meet people from all over the country, and even some from other countries! In my room alone, we have representatives from California, Kansas, Colorado, and even from Canada! Everyone is so friendly and willing to let others into the friend groups they've formed. Thank you to parents and donors for helping to send us here; these are two wonderful, life changing weeks.

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