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July 03, 2009

Session 4 | Day 6

Today we woke up to the same drill, some milking as much sleep as they could get away with while others rose long before the wake up call to exercise and/or shower and beautify themselves( the latter part especially in the case of the girls). The food was great as usual, while many of us enjoyed a novel edition to breakfast that has become vital here at the Summit: Coffee.

At 8:15 we began our first lecture with Dr. Chuck Edwards, who always gives us a down to earth, straight from the Bible information, on Postmodern Bible Study, in which he showed how we can miss the message of a Bible verse, here Matt 18:20- For where two or three are gathered in My name, there I will be also, when we don't look at the context, which in fact, when studied, shows that this verse is not about believers in meeting, but is actually about believers the agreeing on the judgment on a fallen believer(for those parents at home, look into it yourselves!)

In his next lecture, Chuck told us about witnessing to people depending on their worldview, as the Apostle Paul set the example. Paul preached from the Bible to the devote Jews, but he talked to the Athenians through their own philosophy, something they understood and believed in.

After a quick, relaxing break of squeezing together for the class picture, we all were happy to welcome Dr. Noebel back, who had been away speaking in South Dakota, as a beloved grandfather, and enjoyed his bible hour talk, in which he outlined the verse( Prov. 10:4), and thought (you get out of life what you put into it) of the day, plus more reasons why to study the bible, the most emphasized being "because it is not unscientific"

Jeff Shafer, who works at ADF, spoke before and after lunch (which for some included bible review in addition to food), on the evil or secular universities, exposing them for their persecution of Christians and preparing those of us attending such education systems. Shafer summed up ADF by simply explaining "We sue universities" and gave us the 1-800 number if we needed their assistance.
Free time came, with the options of paintball or the Olympic Training Center. Others stayed behind to meander in Manitou springs, hang with friends, or just catch up on some sleep.

After dinner, Shafer took the center stage at the open forum, answering carefully as we peppered him with questions, which was sometimes aimed to get him to tell more of his cases. With a half hour free time in between, we soon found ourselves back in the classroom being lead in worship through music. Once again Doc (Dr. Noebel) spoke to us, this time showing us paragraphs from many great books he insisted we should read, including Dr. Dobson's Children at Risk , throwing his usual comments about hippies and Dallas.

Last of all, we watched the movie Mystery of Life's Origins, which addressed how science points to intelligent design, using such arguments as the complexity of DNA. Everyone has tripped off to bed now, no doubt soothed by the last words of "Lights out!" as they rested their knowledge stuffed heads on their soft pillows, as I planned to do promptly
Good night, and thanks for reading

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