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June 30, 2010

Session 4 | Day 3b

Session 4 | Day 3b

It’s 10:30 at night right now, and there are so many people fellowshipping in the lobby that I am having a hard time getting my thoughts together. The energy is this place is so amazing. Everyone is so friendly! Before I got here, I thought that I was not going to enjoy this experience, but it’s the third official day, and I’m having so much fun. I made the mistake of wearing short shorts on Tuesday, and I now have the nickname “S.S. Short Shorts.” It’s not a bad nickname (I actually like it a lot), but it’s kind of weird to hear people who I’ve never met calling me by a nickname.

It’s so beautiful and nice up here. The weather is perfect, but when they talk about the difference in air pressure affecting your physical performance…they aren’t joking! The thing that has made this trip amazing so far is the fact that there’s so much fellowshipping. I’m known as a wild, crazy, random guy, so I started a thing where I will high five all the people I meet. If they look at me like I’m crazy, then I introduce myself and hope that the next phone call they make to their parents isn’t about some random, crazy guy who loves short shorts and high fives. Since I talk a lot, I am usually one of the last ones at the dinner table, which isn’t all bad since it’s a great time to meet with some of the speakers and chat with them. I’m having so much fun up here, and I look forward to growing in the Lord while meeting new people and wearing short shorts and giving a massive amount of high fives.

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  • July 07, 2010 // 09:04 am //  # 
    Karen Mason's avatar Karen Mason

    It sounds like an exciting time. I guess it always is when you are spending time with people who want to follow hard after our AMAZING God.

    Are you going to climb Pike’s Peak?

  • July 08, 2010 // 07:15 pm //  # 
    Aunr Leone and Uncle Don's avatar Aunr Leone and Uncle Don

    Hi David
      Sure glad to hear you are enjoying Summit.
    Am anxious to hear all about your time there and what you gained most from being there.  See you real soon.  Hope you got to go water rafting.
    God is good,  all the time!

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