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June 30, 2009

Session 4 | Day 3

The morning started at 6 am, after going to bed at eleven last night, but I fell back to sleep several more times for the next hour. That is until I had the sudden realization that breakfast was in fifteen minutes, and the food here is ALWAYS amazing! So I excitedly hopped up and started getting ready as soon as I could. When I got down stairs, I found out that breakfast was mini-waffles and sausage. It was delicious. I always look forward to the food here.

Afterwards, we went to our morning classes. We started with Dr. Noebel; he gave us a look into why we should study the Bible. He told us that the Bible is an important part of world literature. Here is why: the Bible has had a tremendous influence on the USA and on all of the western civilization! If we read other world literature (for example, we read Greek/Roman literature and Jane Austen and so much more), shouldn't we read the Bible too? It really made me think. I read other books, but why don't I sit down and read the Bible?

Then we were introduced to the Nuttings who helped us be able to defend the Creation theory against Evolutionists. I also got to be a part of their open forum later in the evening, which is where the students get to ask them about any questions they have. We talked about everything from the flood to dinosaurs to genetics.

However, my favorite part of the day was definitely the sports! We piled into buses and drove to a park play. The drive was gorgeous. Some students played speed volleyball, some soccer, some tried to walk on a tightrope, and others just chilled. I personally played ultimate Frisbee, and although my team lost by two points, it was a blast! We actually had to go past our goal of eleven to twelve because we had to beat each other by two but we were within one point of each other throughout the game. I was really happy because we were blessed by an overcast day, which made it much more pleasant to run around outside.

When we came back to the hotel all sweaty and everything, we ate spaghetti for dinner. During dinner I sat between two Michaels from my State, Texas. Oh, a little info on this session, of all the 183ish students, if you guess that someone is either from Texas or Minnesota, you are probably right. Just a fun tip!

After a quick shower, I ran to our next class. Dr. Noebel once again blessed us. He first told us that according to Sir Martin Rees (one of the top scientists in England) wrote a book about the top six numbers that explain the physical universe. Then he said he believes that there are also essentially only six religions. He proved this by telling us the facts that he got from the UN (United Nations) about how many people are in the world (if you are curious, the world population is approximately 6.75 billion people). Then he got the facts about how many people claimed each of these six religions; the numbers almost matched completely! It was amazing.

After that we broke into small groups and shared our testimonies. It was interesting to see the diversity and the similarity from everyone, even though we live in so many different places. Also, my group leaders had some great wisdom to share with us, and it made at least me feel fuller. It especially helped that they shared their testimonies too. Since they had been through many things I am going through, it helped to hear how they got through them. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the two weeks bring! I can't believe this is only third day, I already feel so blessed!

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