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June 28, 2010

Session 4 | Day 2b

Session 4 | Day 2b

Bam! I wake up to my phone’s alarm and bust my forehead on the bottom of the top bunk. Oh well, right? Should’ve taken top bunk. What a way to start my morning =] Anyways, after taking a shower and making sure my room was clean for room-checks, me and my bunkmates headed up to breakfast. Chocolate-chip pancakes. YUM. After breakfast came the lectures, which were surprisingly not as tiring as I thought they’d be. Chuck Edwards did a great job of waking us up by putting on his shades and turning into “Bob the atheist.” Through this exercise he allowed us students to interact and engage in the defense of our Christian faith. We took turns raising our hands trying to convince Bob why he should believe in God. Many people tried to answer this question by bringing up other questions, which he seemed to just “bulldoze” over by either mocking them or dismissing their claims immediately. He basically gave us a firsthand experience on how it would be for us to challenge our college professors during class. What a better way to train us than to expose us to the uncaring and inconsiderate practices of a typical college professor?

In the lectures of Dr. Jeff Myers, students were shown the differences between the “Sunday-school” view of Jesus and the Jesus that the Bible portrayed. “Sunday-school” Jesus only affects the feelings and hearts of people, but the Biblical view of Jesus is one that penetrates and changes people’s hearts and the society in which we live. He spoke about how one person who is sincerely and passionately committed to a cause is more valuable than a thousand who are merely interested in that cause. He also spoke of the hidden victory that lies in small beginnings and how that victory is unstoppable and will reach into all the earth.

After these lectures was lunch, and by this time, I was exhausted and wanted sleep, but I was unexpectedly given the opportunity to climb Red Mountain with some friends. I couldn’t pass this chance up, and so for the next hour and a half of free time, our little group of four battled the many obstacles the mountain offered. Great experience. I definitely learned the importance behind each step and how one bad idea leads to another bad consequence. Anyways, it’s time to wrap things up because I need to sleep. Lights out!

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