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June 29, 2009

Session 4 | Day 2

I slept like a rock through the night, but NO ONE slept through the sound of many feet and the loud sound of a banging door of the morning runners heading out for their exercise. I was slightly agitated at them for being so energetic at such an early hour, but I then realized that it was almost my turn for the shower. While I was still mentally waking up, there was a sudden banging on our door; "Time to get up! Everyone out of bed!" shouted Jonathan, one of the nigh watchmen.

Breakfast was a slow and groggy start for a lot of students, most of whom were still adjusting to the oxygen deprived altitude. After finishing our eggs and meat patties, we headed off to our first official Summit session. We started by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, both to the American Flag and the Christian Flag, and then continued with worship.

Then all the hardcore teaching began. Chuck Edwards walked to the front of the class room and people were anxious to hear what he would have to say about why we were at Summit. The first thing he said was, "Why do you Christians believe in some sky god who can't be proven true and why do you follow a belief system that supported the slaughter of Native Indians? Why would I want to be one of you guys?" Several brave souls saw their opportunity to impress others by showing their "intellectual and theological intelligence", but they were effortlessly torn to shreds by Mr. Edwards. Those first fifteen minutes of class time were incredibly intimidating and Mr. Edwards was obviously trying to be inconsiderate in his "Christian Bulldozing" tactic. After explaining what he was doing, he then proceeded in explaining that we must be prepared and ready at all times to stand up to jerks like that. Once Edwards finished that lecture, Dr. Linden then led a lecture about leadership and not giving up in life. He gave countless examples of super human feats, such as a blind person biking 150 miles, or Jerry Traylor running sixty-nine marathons in a year, finishing his final one on crutches because his feet were in too much pain to continue walking.

We then had lunch and, for free time, I walked around the town with Ben, one of my three roommates. We got ice cream, walked along a river, climbed up some dangerous and steep rocks, and then went back to the Summit building. Everyone then piled into school buses and we headed out for the Garden of the Gods, a nature center where there are dozens of massive, jagged stones sticking out of the ground, some of them being over a hundred feet tall.

We recently concluded with dinner and a final two hour lecture from Dr. Noebel about the truly crazy world that we all live in, and how every decision, whether good, bad, or even insane, all stems from some world view and that there are ways to analyze someone's worldviews, simply looking at their actions and words.

Right now, there is a group of twenty students playing an extremely intense game of spoons and other students are either chatting the night away, playing chess, foosball, or even going to bed early. Though everyone is tired and worn out from the very long day, there is still a huge rush of energy with being around fun, active, and friendly Christian people. We will all be exhausted tomorrow morning, but for now, we are all just enjoying the excitement of being around friends with the added bonus of the common faith that we all share.

It has only been a day, but there are already life-long friendships that are being formed as we speak.

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