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June 28, 2010

Session 4 | Day 2a

Today was the typical day at Summit. As usual, Dr. Noebel began with a series of his jokes and teaching all strung into a complex lesson of Biblical philosophy. Next came John Stonestreet, who caught our attention with his jokes, slides, and movie clips. He showed us many videos demonstrating how different worldviews think of themselves. Then came Ryan Dobson, who taught us through theology, personal experience, and jokes (which were, needless to say, entertaining). He taught us that God is in control and that skydiving is great, but doing a backflip while skydiving is better.

Next we ate a gourmet meal composed of chicken strips and French fries. After this, we had sports time and could play soccer, football, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, speed volleyball, or any combination of these. Dinner, another session of Dr. Noebel, and small groups followed. And as Dr Noebel promised, I am eager for sleep, so goodnight!

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