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July 08, 2009

Session 4 | Day 11

The days at Summit seem to get only better and better . It has been refreshing and uplifting to be around peers who share similar beliefs, ethics, and love for the Lord God. Mike Hayley from Focus on the Family came and spoke to us today. His testimony on his struggle with his homosexual lifestyle and how he broke the bonds of sin and began a life of servitude to the Lord was inspiring to us all. As he was leaving we, as a student body, gave him a standing ovation which he more then was worthy of, it was emotional to everyone. We also had Ryan Dobson , as a speaker today, who was not only entertaining but spoke to us about following Gods will and ONLY God's will.

The fun here at Summit never stops this evening we had the staff auction which raises money for children in Sudan, the creativity that our staff has makes me laugh and enjoy my time here even more. Some items for sale was staying up all night with Night watch, throwing water balloons at two staffers on unicycles, and even a magic show! As our time here at Summit unfortunately comes to a close we began to wonder where has the time gone? How can we keep in contact with the new friends we have met? But most importantly we have to ask ourselves, what have we learned and how are we going to deal this new responsibility of truth?

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