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July 07, 2009

Session 4 | Day 10

Every Tuesday at the Summit is Fauxhawk Day, so say the signs posted around the hotel. Today, many of the guys--and even girls--walked proudly into class with piles of gelled hair shooting straight into the air. Some sported side ponies, and some had cone hair. The last 'do is not something that can be explained.

Each day has been a huge adventure, here in Manitou Springs. Lectures jam-packed with information have been overloading everyone's brains, but the material is being taken to hearts and applied to lives as well. Dr. House opened up this morning, speaking on the Christian foundation of America. Dr. Beckwith followed, teaching on relativism and neutrality. Dr. House picked up yet again, speaking on the distinctions of government and Christians' role in government.

During the much loved sports time, all of the students played sports like soccer and ultimate Frisbee, or just relaxed under the shade of the trees. I must say that the scenery around Colorado Springs is amazing. Everywhere, including the park where we go for athletics, the majestic Rockies give testimony of God's incredible handiwork.
After dinner, a video on abortion was shown. Those who stayed for all three of the parts were surprised with fresh chocolate chip cookies and glasses of cold milk. The others who went to bed early are not aware of this yet, but they will find out soon.

My experiences here in Colorado have been life-changing. As Doc Noebel would say, "We're having more fun than a human ought to have!" Enjoying the beauty of Colorado, forming new friendships, worshiping God, and learning to think more critically and defend my values is impacting my life in great and tremendous ways! I feel so much more prepared to go to college and, with God's great love, be able to stand firm in my faith.

May God bless you, may God bless America, and may America bless God. Peace.

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