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June 22, 2009

Session 3 | Day 9

Monday. I think we are all still recovering from our long day yesterday. Everyone looked pretty tired at the first session this morning, but woke up as the day went on. First Dr. Moreland came and spoke to us on loving God with all our minds. He pointed out how many people disconnect faith from reason and thinking, but that the bible encourages us to use our minds for the Lord by being thinking Christians.

Later, Dr. Luskin spoke on Intelligent Design. He stated that in certain areas of science, such as looking for intelligence on other planets, scientists believe that information that is complex and specific is a sign of intelligence. Dr. Luskin pointed out that when we see the complexity and information stored in DNA we should also respond by assuming there is higher intelligence behind it.

It was hot here today and several people wandered down to Manitou to get ice cream and shop. Tonight we heard from Dr. Bauman. He was a great speaker! I'm looking forward to other session by him tomorrow. He talked about how important it is in our society to hold onto and seek the original intent and meaning of books and speeches. Many people today believe interpretation is all that matters, and we are losing the benefit of understanding great minds before us, because we are simply relying on our own interpretations. He quoted Confucius who said, " When the meanings of words are lost, lives are lost." When humans become just chemical reactions, we value them less. The implications are far reaching of the theory of interpretation. Is the constitution up for interpretation? Law? A rape victims' protests?

We also split up guys and gals tonight and did a 'manference' and a 'feminar.' As part of the feminar several staff women shared personal struggles and their stories of victory over these struggles in Christ. I really appreciated the humility and openness on the part of those who shared. I'm sure there were many girls that could relate and were encouraged to hear they are not alone. Afterwards we went into small groups. My small group discussed what we learned from the feminar and prayed for each other. I've really enjoyed my time in small groups. It's great to get to know other women who are seeking the Lord too.


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