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June 21, 2009

Session 3 | Day 8

When I signed up to blog on Sunday, I did not realize that I would be signing up for such a relaxing day. On Sunday, we were given the choice of taking part in a foosball tournament, whitewater rafting, or going on a hike up Pike's Peak.
I chose to go for the hike. At 5:30, I woke up, and got dressed. By 6:15 all of the rafters had left. So, I got together with my hiking group of four people. We packed like 6 PB&J sandwiches. We set off on our hike.


I could go on and on about how we got lost twice, or I could talk about how I almost died twice as well. If I was to talk about every single detail, I would never be able to keep anyone's attention in reading this blog. Therefore, I am just going to say that no matter where we were on the way up, my legs hurt like they were being gouged with a knife. On the way up, there were numerous times that I just wanted to go home. But just like when you run a race, the moment that you meet your goal justifies and puts meaning to the pain and the efforts put forth. And that is just how we felt when we reached the end of our trail. At the end we climbed way up high to the top of a rock and screamed out in marvelous adoration of the beauty of God's Creation! The trip back to Summit was a much faster and easier travel.

When we got back, we were served a Thanksgiving Dinner. It tasted sooooooooo good, especially because we had just finished our 22 mile hike. Unfortunately, I was too tired to finish my meal. Later in the night, we sang praise and listened to a lecture be Dr. Nobel. We then moved on to watch a movie about the Global Warming Hoax. Because everyone was so exhausted from their vigorous activities the prior day, we were sent to bed early. I now need to go back to class, so I must end this and say that it was a GREAT day. I also want to wish my dad a happy father's day!

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