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June 20, 2009

Session 3 | Day 7

Today at the Summit was a slight break from the typical knowledge boot camp, because we had 3 lectures and a movie as a opposed to the typical five or six lectures. Although more laid back today it was still very productive. Doc Noebel started the day off with his Bible hour followed by the movie, Obsession, a movie about Islamic extremists. This movie exposed much truth on the twisted propaganda that muslim pumps through the media into the culture of everyday life on their end. When the movie ended we made our way to the park where we all enjoyed five full hours of volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee and some all out good conversation. During our enjoyment of the great outdoors we were blessed with some excellent hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, and baked beans. When we came back to the hotel we had a some good freetime before our dinner and our final lecture for the day. Mike Hayley was the speaker for the night. Mike talked about homosexuality and the agenda that is being pushed through the media and our schools deep into our culture and subconscious of everyday life. Hayley explained that many of the statistics that are used by the homosexual activists are in actuality very untrue but are used so often that they are often viewed as truth, a tact that we as Christians must take a strong yet intelligent stance against. Hayley also explained his story of how he once believed the lies that were told of being born into a homosexual state of mind. He gave us great scientific information that proves this false. As well as his own story of a male who was deprived of male affirmation which tricked him into the lie of his genetic sexuality. It was great to meet someone who had traveled down this path and found Christ through the exposure of the lie that he had believed for so long. Hayley is now a happy married man with an incredible testimony and anointing to speak the truth. I must say that this lecture was very inspiring to how I am to deal with people within the homosexual struggle. Overall today was an incredible day and I am quite stoked to hike Pikes Peak tomorrow.
Donald Storms, loving life and living to love

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