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June 18, 2010

Session 3 | Day 6a

Session 3 | Day 6a

Ever since my senior English teacher told me about Summit Ministries, I knew that it would be a vital experience to prepare me spiritually and mentally for college. Summit is completely different than any “summer camp” I have ever been to. On the first day, they reminded us multiple times that this is an academic camp and not a sports camp. When I heard that, I didn’t think that sitting in classes all day would be fun (since I just graduated from high school, and the last thing I want to do is sit in classes), but halfway through my time here at Summit, I have come to the realization that this is one of the most fun and incredible learning experiences of my life. Even though I grew up going to a private Christian school, I have learned new and profound things this past week that have challenged my faith and have helped shape and grow my knowledge in the world dramatically.

Dr. David Noebel and the many amazing speakers that I have heard have helped reinforce my faith and give me reasons for why I believe what I believe, which will most definitely help me back up my beliefs on at college in the fall. Even though this is two weeks out of your summer, and even though it costs a little bit more than most of us want to spend, it is COMPLETELY worth it! I have met people here from all over the country that I know will always be there for me to call if I’m struggling with something spiritually or to help me think through a fault I’m finding in a psychology, biology, or English class. The fact that all of the students are here for the same reason has definitely made this an enjoyable experience. I recommend this to any and every high school and college student who want to reinforce their foundation in their beliefs and worldviews. Relationship and spiritual foundations are built here, and I promise, it’ll be some of the best two weeks of your life so far.

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