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June 19, 2009

Session 3 | Day 6

5:34. This is when the sun rises in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and what a beautiful sunrise it is! After the sun comes up, we thankfully get a few more hours of sleep before the day begins. Today, it began pleasantly with biscuits and gravy--which I had to mention because I loved it so much. Following breakfast, we receive our morning dose of Doc Noebel in Bible Hour, followed by another of John Stonestreet's. Today's installment was on Post-Modernism, which was successfully defined by the end of two hours.

Both before and after lunch (which was fantastic also: chili) we had another speaker, Dr. Chris Leland. His informative lectures involved how skilled producers, musicians, and others craft their art to get across a specific feeling or message and how Christians can catch on to these subtle clues. Following these lectures was the long-awaited paint-ball.
On the white board, paint-ball had been labeled, rather conspicuously, PAINt-ball. Because of this, I declined to go, but heard that it was "awesome," and "a lot of fun." What could be better than sneaking around through a well-designed course dodging flying paint? Others went to the Olympic Training Center, and those who didn't went down to the town. It was such a beautiful day, who could resist the outdoors?

Even though the open forum with Dr. Chris Leland was canceled, the day finished on a high note with a video entitled, "The Mystery of Life's Origins." The sun has already set (at 8:59), and everyone is getting ready for another beautiful Colorado sunrise tomorrow.

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