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June 17, 2010

Session 3 | Day 5b

Session 3 | Day 5b

Summit is very busy.  In the last four days, I’ve listened to 26 lectures! I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. I have listened to so much information already, and I’m almost always busy doing something, so the information keeps piling up.

As an example of how busy I am, take today:
6:45 Get up, clean room (we have daily room checks, and if your room is too messy, you will get in trouble!)

7:15 Breakfast

8:15 “Bible Hour.” Bible Hour is when Dr. Noebel gives us a thought for the day and a proverb for the day.  He also gives reasons why we should read the Bible. The thought for today was: “You get out of anything what you put into it.” This makes a lot of sense—it reminds me of college. I know I get a lot more out of college classes if I actually study…

9:15 We moved right to John Stonestreet’s lecture on Oprah’s Spirituality (Cosmic Humanism). In this lecture, we watched a strange video about tree huggers (people moaning and shrieking because trees are being cut down, and then praying to the trees and saying, “I love you, trees.”) This was slightly weird…

10:00 We had a short break, long enough to run to the kitchen and make a peanut butter and honey sandwich, then started lectures again at…

10:25.  After the break, John Stonestreet began talking about Postmodernism. Postmodernists say that books and language mean whatever you think they mean. As an example, take the sentence “I like oranges.” If I said this sentence, I would mean that I like to eat round citrus fruits. But Postmodernists could interpret this sentence in different ways, perhaps by saying, “She likes wearing clothes which come in shades of orange,”  or, “She likes eating all orange foods, especially orange pumpkins,” or,  “She enjoys having oranges dropped on her head.” These interpretations are not correct. However, according to Postmodernists, they are all okay!

12:00 Lunch

1:15 Another Postmodernism lecture

2:30 Sports time! I had a lot of fun playing ultimate Frisbee. I am really bad at Ultimate Frisbee, but my teammates were really nice; they let me play anyway (and they didn’t yell at me or make me quit playing).

5:00 Dinner! (Sports time makes me pretty hungry.)

That is only 2/3 of a day at Summit. Am I busy? I think so.

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