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June 16, 2009

Session 3 | Day 3

So, 2nd day and there were four room do- overs today. They were all girls' rooms too. Very sad, but at least it wasn't my room.

Our first speaker today can only be described as "having more fun than a human being ought to have". Dr. Mike S. Adams spoke today on Abortion, Economic & Cultural Marxism, and Christianity & Culture. A dynamic and fascinating speaker, everybody was not only entertained but challenged. We heard fascinating stories about radical feminists, and cultural Marxists on college campuses who were made to look ridiculous because of their own rash or destructive actions. He also brought up the compelling argument that Christians who are cowardly, those who do not fight against it, may have blood on their hands when it comes to the abortion issue (James 4:17). He encouraged us to be strong Christian activists: to step out and be courageous, not cowards, and not to be afraid to litigate when our civil rights are being violated.

After lunch (the food here is absolutely amazing by the way!) Chuck Edwards spoke on Jesus' Favorite Mind Games. He discussed how Christians have become 'Intellectually Marginalized', and how those outside the church think of Christians as stupid. He pointed out that Jesus was the opposite of stupid and how he bested his opposition, the Pharisees, many times in debate. He said we should understand what we believe and understand what others believe so that we can communicate our beliefs effectually.
Our first, 'Sports Time' was a definite hit with everybody. We all squished into the Summit buses and drove to a huge park where we could play Ultimate Frisbee, touch football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, or just kick back and relax.

The evening was filled with an open forum on the porch with Dr. Mike S. Adams , where students had an opportunity to ask him questions in a relaxed setting, praise and worship, and our highly informative, and entertaining, Worldviews in Collision Session with Dr. Noble. He started off talking about how our world today is not so far off from Paul's world in Acts 17. We spent the latter part of the session discussing the six main worldviews on 'mother earth' today: Christianity, Islam, Secular Humanism, Marxism-Leninism, Cosmic Humanism, and Post-Modernism; and attempting to determine the number of humans who fall within each of those worldviews.

So, I suppose that about sums it up. Oh, yeah, Dr. Noble wants someone to come up with an apparatus to turn saltwater into freshwater, anybody got any ideas?

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