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June 15, 2009

Session 3 | Day 2

The schedule may be law here at Summit, but I can easily predict our stay over these two weeks will be anything BUT routine. Honestly, though, I don't exactly look forward to the creative, devious methods by which Night Watch will awaken us at 7:00 sharp... the surprisingly strict guidelines by which room cleanliness is judged have already caught many of us (mostly female, I might add) off guard. I think I heard correctly that Judson accepts bribes left on the dressers.

Forgive me for discussing the meals before the classes - but I know I speak for everyone when we were seriously impressed by the overall quality of the meals served on campus. French toast sticks and perfectly prepared bacon for breakfast, a detailed taco buffet for lunch, and chicken parmesan that easily bested that of any Italian restaurant chain for dinner. My favorite part, though, had to be the creative labels put on the liquid dispensers. I'm pretty sure the "Extract of Elmo" I sampled was fruit punch... Regardless, it's clear there's no reason to fear a "cafeteria meal" here.

All the Summit attendees were shuttled down to Garden of the Gods, a natural park nearby. If you haven't been to Garden of the Gods, it's worth a short trip. This park is full of natural red rock formations, many of which are easily climbed. Even if you don't have a desire to release the mountain goat in you, it's a beautiful sight which you likely can't compare to your own surroundings. On a semi-related note, I discovered that while flip-flops are seemingly horrible choices for rock-hopping footwear, they have amazing traction which will allow you to do anything short of standing at an angle perpendicular to a vertical rock face. Just an observation.

The speakers... where to begin? The first word I'd use to describe them would easily be "entertaining." We've only seen three so far, and I'm sure they could succeed in stand-up comedy. Well, almost sure (at least they try to be funny). Jeff Meyers was quite an inspirational guy, filling our spiritual armories with ammo a mere few hours after we awoke. His theme was "Strategic Intellectual Discussion", centered on the most efficient ways to combat the stereotypical, atheistic college professor. The questions to ask, the things to remember, and the attitude to take when, for some, inevitably confronted on the topic of faith in an academic setting.

Chuck Edwards came next, (amateur) comedian, devil's advocate, bus driver extraordinaire (his ride is dubbed the Chuckwagon). After challenging our stances on the support of creation via alter ego, Chuck educated us on how a Christian worldview can be drawn from popular culture in movies such as the Matrix and Lord of the Rings. Even I, who constantly analyzes similar material for spiritual analogies, was taken by surprise at some of the correlations in such films.

Doctor Noebel, or "Doc", as many Summitites affectionately refer to him, is easily one of the most interesting orators I have seen speak. I won't lie, we spent an hour delving into depressing statistics on the state of American culture and the issues the American family faces - and yet, even in the midst of this, he was able to extract laughter from the entire classroom. I look forward to his coming lectures, though that seems such a boring word to use. I'm also keeping a record of his little literary quirks. With a large enough collection, I might write a booook on his opinions of pronunciation. Shouldn't be too difficult to get him all tickied at me. I hope I've regaled you with my thrilling tales for today - Bon Voyage, Auf Wedersehen, and Remember the Al-ah-mo!

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