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June 17, 2007

Session 3 | Day 1—Day of Destiny

It sounds so melodramatic, doesn't it? Day of Destiny. And yet, isn't that what we live our lives for? Something to break us out of the routine, the normal, the every day... something to be our Day of Destiny after which we know that we can never be the same.

It's my prayer that today is that day for each one of the 180+ students who just arrived at the Summit. I hope—dare I believe?—that during these coming weeks these students will gain knowledge and understanding that will shape the very core of their being in such a way that they can never be the same people again.

What does it really take to change the world? Maybe not the whole world... maybe just my world. Is my world a better place because I lived today? Have I lived my life in such a way that someone, somewhere had to take notice?

Summit Ministries is empowering the next generation of Christian leaders with the tools they need to shape the world in which we live. Please join with us, upholding Session 3 before the throne of God, that His mercy and wisdom might be poured out upon us such that the world, our world might be forever changed.

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