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June 26, 2009

Session 3 | Day 13

The Last Day. The day loved by some and hated by many. This would be the day of the last Summit breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The last Noebel talk. The last dull day to spend with all the friends that we have made. This day began with everyone waking to the bagpipes playing a classic bagpipe song (go figure). Luckily though, there weren't any room checks today. The morning was filled with just a few more classes. The afternoon was the best part though. While many people visited the Air Force Academy or the Focus on the Family Institute, the select few (about 15 of us) got to stay behind and take the College Credit Exam. Everyone (including my mother and father) will be happy to know that everyone passed.
At last the moment everyone anticipated had come...Graduation...The ceremony was filled with speeches by various returning students and the very last speech by Dr. David A. Noebel. Then, as traditional commencement ceremonies go, we all received our diplomas. The best part of the ceremony came after the giving of the diplomas, the session video. This video was filled with various clips from our two weeks and with the staff videos (props to the amazing acting and comic skills of the staff). The graduation was followed by an ice cream/rootbeer float reception.
On a lighter note (cause you can get lighter that a ice cream reception), our curfew was moved to 12 o'clock which is allowing me to write this blog entry. I'm so thankful to have gone to this worldview apologetics experience and to have made such good friends. And from all the students at Session 3 - 2009: put this blog in your pipe and chew it, and peace.

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