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June 25, 2009

Session 3 | Day 12

Class was great especially with Mr. Chuck Asay he is very funny and teaches a good lesson on fighting for our Christian faith and also defending it. He pointed out many great views through his very humorous comics that everyone in the class room enjoyed. After the awesome classes everyone headed to the park also known as Bear Creek which everyone enjoys. Many sports are played during the time being including football, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. After the really intense games of which I stated before everyone all had beautiful, mouth watering hamburgers, hotdogs and desert. When sports time was over we all headed back to the oh so beautiful, aging, old hotel which somehow is still standing, kidding! When we headed back to our little rooms we, or most of the us took showers and headed to the very large classroom to get ready for praise and worship, which is always amazing especially the old hymns. Praise and worship was great, but after that we or more likely the staff gave out great testimonies and stories but mainly testimonies that were really and simply amazing. Due to this great and awesome day, I will head to get some of my beauty sleep in and be thankful for another great and glorious day!

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