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June 24, 2009

Session 3 | Day 11

The Day began quite differently this morning at Summit. The boys of summit hiked up Red Mountain and discussed the emotional pain that God has for his people. They also had a quite amusing doughnut eating contest where the winner ate eleven and a half doughnuts. The boys were responsible for holding in their doughnuts until they reached the bottom of Red Mountain. The ladies of Summit had an entirely different experience. They attended a breakfast of bagels and fruit beside the pool while discussing questions from Monday Nights Feminar. The slackers in the summit group, of which I was one of, were able to sleep in and to make sure their rooms were extra clean for Judson's cleaning rendezvous.

Eric Smith started out our morning studies with a lecture on Your Moral Compass, discussing issues such as Cultural Relativism and Egoism. Cultural Relativism is the belief that right and wrong should be determined by someone's culture or background. Egoism is that a person should do what is in their own self-interests. He also discussed other ethical theories about which courses of action a Christian should take such as Utilitarianism. I enjoyed listening to Professor Smith's views on ethics and it was a great start to an educational day.

We welcomed Dr. Noebel back from his trip to the Virginia Summit Session. Lucky us, we get to hear Dr. Noebel's words of wisdom almost every day whereas the Virginians only get him for two days! Our Scripture Verse for the Day was Proverbs 14:23; All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. Along with this amazing bible quote was our Bible Hour thought for the Day; the quality of a man's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence.

Our final speaker was Dr. Frank Beckwith whose lecture was in three parts. In his first lecture he spoke on Relativism. He defined Moral Relativism, which is the belief that there exists no objective moral norms which apply to every person, in every time, and in every place. His second lecture was interesting. Its title, Is Belief in God Rational? Addresses the questions most Christians have about their faith and how to defend it from non-believers. Dr. Beckwith gave us valuable information on arguments we will most likely hear in the future such as the Transcendental Argument. This argument infers, without proof or evidence that something is necessary for something else to be true. An example of this is that if there is a moral law there must be a moral law Giver. Dr. Beckwith's final lecture was on The Pluralist Game : Politics, Faith, and the Myth of Neutrality. He discussed terms such as Liberal Tolerance, the view that the state or individual must be neutral on religious and/or metaphysical beliefs are objectively true for all people. Because of this the individual has the right to make choices that are not encumbered by someone else's views on the good life

Our day ends with the Servant Auction for Sudan, where the staff at Summit auctions off various talents to benefit our fellow Christians in Sudan. Some of the talents include a lesson in fly-fishing, a chance to stay up with the night watch, and a photography lesson. It should be interesting how much money will be raised for which talents. Peace, love, and, absolutely no rock and roll.

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