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June 22, 2010

Session 3 | Day 10a

Manference and Mancakes

Manference—(n.) when a group of guys hold a conference for the purpose of helping and encouraging each other, addressing personal issues, and setting life goals.

As a second-year Summit student, this was, once again, one of the most life-impacting events of the entire two weeks. It is a time when we, as guys, can be honest about our personal struggles, no matter what they are, and receive aid and encouragement in overcoming them. We learn about and discuss what a godly life consists of and how to go about pursuing such things. This experience really puts life into perspective, and the principles we learn during this time are applicable in endless ways.

The morning after the Manference, the kitchen staff rewarded us guys with “Mancakes” for breakfast, which are M&M pancakes that are the size of a small pizza. Finishing one Mancake each was a delicious way for us to prove that we were listening on the previous night by demonstrating our newly acquired manliness. This is just a small taste of our wonderful experiences here at Summit!

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