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June 23, 2009

Session 3 | Day 10

Merry Christmas Everyone! (We celebrated a no-presents Christmas today to remember to just enjoy each other and the celebration of Christ!)

Today we listened to the teachings of Dr. Bauman and Dr. Linden. Our first lecture, "The Problem of Pain" by Dr. Bauman tackled the issue of a God both just and powerful regardless of the pain we experience based on C.S. Lewis's teachings. His next lecture "Augustine vs. Pelagius" addressed the issue of original sin- a term we've all heard over and over but most of us never really understood. He acted as the "devil's advocate" to frustrate and challenge us to truly understand exactly what we were trying to say before saying anything foolishly. In an effort to make my point known, I took the liberty of walking to the front of the class and writing on Dr. Bauman's whiteboard. Whether he liked it or not, it helped me grasp the concept of Sin versus sinning and I found the lecture the most enjoyable and thought-provoking yet. Then Dr. Linden stepped up to the podium and taught us how to be Christian leaders in a secular world- providing evidence for Christ intellectually rather than just spiritually.

Lunch today- sub sandwiches- were crazy delicious and got us all ready for an insane afternoon of Sports Time. Some played volleyball, others basketball or soccer or ultimate Frisbee, but I took my chances at the tightrope. After continuing to fail, I persevered (perseverance was an important theme in Dr. Bauman's lecture earlier) and walked five steps on my own. Trust me- it's harder than it sounds.
Even though I spent my day fighting exhaustion, the boy who sits next to me, Dr. Bauman, and the tightrope, I can feel myself gaining more and more from my Summit experience everyday and can't wait to use this newfound knowledge to change the world around me.

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