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June 14, 2009

Session 3 | Day 1

The first day of Summit! Being agnostic, I was very apprehensive about arriving in Colorado, mostly concerned that the students would be unfriendly conservatives. Much to my surprise I discovered the opposite; I have found all the students and staff to be genuinely accepting and loving so far.

Throughout the afternoon students of various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds poured into the quaint hotel located on Osage Avenue. The smell of lasagna lofted through the air filling our nostrils with its delight as we began to unpack. I found my own roommates to each be unique and pleasant. After a much needed long nap we tasted the lasagna which had been tempting us the entire afternoon. It was fantastic! At 7pm we went to orientation in what was formerly the hotel's ballroom, now filled with desks. Orientation was somewhat uncomfortable for me as many controversial topics were mentioned in a way which contradicted my personal world view. However, Summit is known for training radical leaders and not shying away from the alleged truth so I am therefore anxious and excited to begin sessions tomorrow!

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