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June 11, 2009

Session 2 | Day 13

I was trying to think of everything I learned today and I'm finding it hard to narrow it down so that this blog doesn't turn into a chapter book. Well I guess I'll start off by saying that I'm not usually inspired to get up extremely early for any particular reason but I'm seeing a great new habit that I will definitely take home with me. I've been getting up 45-60min earlier then everyone else to have my own devotional time and I find it extremely beneficial. Not only does it start my day out with the right mindset but also allows me to have some quiet timeď?Š. I love all the people that I get to interact with everyday but once in awhile, it gets a bit distracting me from the most important relationship I can have.
Every day we have incredible speakers that inform us of the world around us and encourage us to defend our beliefs. Everything ranging from world views to biotechnology, to family, society and abortion.

Today in particular we had Mike Adams speak. He was by far one of the most motivational speakers I've ever heard. Not only was he exceptional at grabbing our attention and keeping it but he informed us how we can go about doing what he does, which in essence, is standing up for the truth and defending it no matter who opposes. Everyone was stoked (excited) after that. His talk was the topic of most conversations for the rest of the day. We all are pumped and ready to go. Ready to get in the world and stand against the opposition. Ready to hold fast to the absolute truth. I know that I'm on a high right now and will have to come down eventually. I know that things will definitely not be easy, but I'm confident that we can all come together and defend what is right and true. I know I'm not alone now and I feel I can conquer anything. I hope anyone who has the opportunity to hear Mike Adams will jump to the chance. You definitely won't regret it. I know that its speakers like him that totally made my time and energy spent here worth it. There are many more things that I have to leave out because I don't have the energy to stay up any longer but I pray whoever is reading this and is considering coming to Summit Ministries will act on that little voice in their head. Whatever it takes, get yourself here! You won't regret it!!! I know I will carry all the things I've learned here with me the rest of my life, and the friendships I've made will be long lasting.

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