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June 10, 2009

Session 2 | Day 12

I hail from Kansas, the flatlands and although the mountains are shrouded in darkness at the moment I've had a whole lot of fun climbing them in the past two weeks. This morning one of my roommates from Mississippi and I got up at 6 AM and went on a run. A few of the more 'manly men' had left right before us on a hike up Red Mountain. When we got back the night watch was laughing because I was positively gasping for breath after running up the hill in front of the hotel. While the men were climbing the mountain, over at the pool in Summit Village a poolside breakfast had been prepared for the girls. Koryn gave the devotional from Hosea and Esther, saying that God was searching for us and that each of us had been created and put into our place for 'such a time as this.'
We've learned so much today, Doc started in on the first part of a comprehensive Bible study Eric Smith gave the first part of his talk entitled Your Moral Compass and Dr. Charles White gave a proof for Christ. The last two sessions before free time were given by Todd Cothran. He spoke on the validity of the Bible, first the Old Testament and then the New Testament. Did you know that the evidence for the validity of the New Testament is greater than the evidence for the validity for Homer?

After free time the Open Forum was with Mr. Cothran once again. He first answered some questions and then he gave a presentation on the truth of the Resurrection. There were four points that area all agreed on; Jesus died, the apostles believed that he rose again, Paul was changed, and James the brother of Jesus was changed. These four points are over 95% agreed upon by scholars. I can't remember all of what he said and I must crave your pardon, it is getting late and the night watch is sending me dirty looks. But this idea that the Bible and that the Resurrection-the most important part of our faith-is supported by secular writers and modern archeology.

Lastly, Doc talked to us about the value of the Christian worldview. He showed us how all throughout the Bible there are ten subjects that God has given us as part of this worldview. Each part of the worldview from history to law to politics to theology are valuable for a Christian to study, we are not limited to Christian authors or to just theology.

Well tomorrow is another day and its going to start early as usual. The lobby is filled with staff taking a few moments to relax and the night watch is asserting their authority, someday we may just stage a coup d'etat and chase them with the big flashlights, but until then I bid you (in the words of Doc) Bon Voyage, Auf Wiedersehen, Remember the Alamo.

Bethany Spare

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